Free Probate Visit

Every year we make hundreds of free probate visits to the homes of families and executors all over the UK in order to assess estates more accurately. We are then able to advise on the specific steps that are legally required for your circumstance. This meeting is free of charge and there is no commitment to our administration service nor any documents or contracts to sign. Just helpful free advice.

At the end of the meeting you will understand the process much more clearly and you will receive a written fixed price for our complete administration service. This price is based upon how much help you require and is not based upon the value of the estate. The price is fixed at the outset and will include our probate solicitor’s fees as well as any other costs that will be required. There will be additional cost to third parties (ie conveyancing fees, estate agents fees) that will be discussed at the meeting but subject to change dependent on the need. All costs are payable from the estate assets during the administration process. Our inclusive fee often serves as a comparison for families to consider. The appointments are in clear simple language and any questions are answered as they arise. As many people can attend the meeting as you require. The more ears the better!

If you request a free appointment, we will take your contact details and send a confirmation letter together with a checklist of documents that might be useful to have to hand for the meeting.

The appointments are normally during office hours but can be made for the evenings if necessary. Short notice meetings can often be accommodated.

We are located in Hertfordshire but travel time is no object to us, we can travel further afield if required.

To book your free probate visit, please contact us here or call 01920 449700 so we can schedule a date and time that is convenient with you.

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